AMPGEAR demo approved to OuyaStore !!




AMPGEAR is treeCL first game, available exclusively on OUYA !!                                                     right now, you can download the 0.9 demo, and play the first level

So many things i’d like to write about this project 🙂 too early for that!                                    the game is going to shape during next months, and i don’t want to spoil anything

If you played the demo , i’d be very happy to know if you liked it, or not, and why                     i’d really want to take player’s opinion into account for the final game, so all opinions are very welcome

the full game ( with many additions and changes… and better graphics!) is going to be available in june, for 0.99$

ceebs, it’s so expensive! I will probably release a new demo for you to check out           meanwhile, you can check this blog for updates

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